Thursday, December 16, 2010

Innovation Never Hibernates at Current Designs!

Neither record snow fall, nor developing ice pack interferes with the Current Designs Design Team’s new product development. With air temperatures in the single digits and the ice pack forming on the Mississippi River, the Design Team put their newest hull design into water trials this week. Dana Henry was the only team member who admitted having a dry suite close at hand so was instantly promoted to “test paddler” although some might say “victim”. We located the last remaining open water along Winona’s scenic levee and put the design through its paces. With Dana on the water and other team members studying from the shore, the hull’s performance characteristics were evaluated and scrutinized. Is the hull clean through the water? Is the hull balanced correctly under the seat? Is the maneuverability on target? Tracking, efficiency, glide, speed…are these up to the Design Team’s targets and expectations? We now have the answers. Stay tuned for the results!