Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3-24-10 Trip Report: High Water River Paddling

Dana Henry and fellow ACA instructor Jessica Conaway from Three Rivers Outdoors in Lacrosse Wisconsin got to experience some high water paddling conditions today on Pool 6 of the Mississippi River. The river is expected to crest just above "official" flood stage next Monday or Tuesday. As you can tell the river levels are already extremely high due to the melting of the above average snow fall we had this winter in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. The flow of the main channel of the Mississippi is really cookin'! A lot of debris is being washed down stream in the current right now. We witnessed several 20'+ tall trees floating down the river as we crossed the channel into the backwaters.

When the river gets to these levels we have the opportunity to explore wooded areas and marshes that are normally dry ground. Paddling through the middle of flooded timber and grasslands is awesome. It's a unique paddling opportunity we get to experience most springs.

Check out the photos from today's trip. Dana and Jessica were paddling the Current Designs Willow and Suka.